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Planetové převodovky a převodové motory

Prodej planetových kol

Planetové převodovky a převodové motory

NER GROUP is a Planetary Gear Set Manufacturer From China and Yantai Bonway Manufacturer Co.,Ltd is sister company of NER GROUP which is specialize in manufacturing Planetary Gear Set. Our Planetary Gear Sets are widely exported to many countries such as Chile, Mexico, Poland, Kenya, United states, Hungary, Colombia, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Turkey and so on. With good Performance in quality, we have earned a good share in this area. We are a younger company than Brevini, Bonfiglioli, Sumitomoand Flender. but we are growing faster and faster. Our gearboxes have the same dimension to theirs. However, we have some of our own designs which is different from theirs. Of courser, we also can make the gear sets on customers' drawing. Anyway, we are younger but we are not lower.

Our Planetary Gear Set is standardized gear unit solutions for higher power rating ranges in the proven quality. With 27 sizes and seven basic types the series ensures torque ranges of up to 2,600,000 Nm and transmission ratios of 4,000:1. .And it widely used for industry equipment of metallurgy ,Building Material , Chemical , Mining , Oil, Transportation , Papermaking , Sugar making , engineering Machines ,etc . Parameter : Power: Up to 12000KW Ratio: Up to 4000 : 1 Output torque : Up to 2600000 N.m

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